Information Offered by a Professional Home Inspector

A home inspection contingency gives the buyer the options to cancel the sale or negotiate repairs based on the result of a home inspector’s visit. In most states, the contingency is part of the purchase contract. Whether you’re buying or selling, a home inspection contingency is a major factor.


When a home inspector visits a house, he/she will take notes of all components that are mainly structural and visual. This means the home inspection will include information about everything that can be visually checked. But in some cases, the inspector is not qualified or licensed to discuss areas that may extend beyond his training or ability.

A good example is when the home inspector notices that the water pressure is low. The problem can be an easy fix such as faucet repair or can be more complex like corroded pipes or roots growing in the plumbing system. The inspector cannot tell the cause of the issue because he is not specialized in such matters, so he will suggest hiring a plumbing company for finding and fixing the problem.

Here are some common types of home inspection contingencies:

  • Chimney

  • Pest and termites

  • Lead-Based paint

  • Electrical

  • Basement and foundation

  • Roof inspection

  • Soil stability

  • Sewer and drainage system

  • Trees and vegetation

  • Mold

Expiration date.

Before choosing the expiration date of the home inspection contingency, make sure you read the purchase contract. It is of the utmost importance that the contingency’s period allows you to cancel a contract before paying the first deposit. This will ensure you peace of mind and will give you the opportunity to properly evaluate the property. In case major issues are being discovered by the home inspector in the house you want to buy, there will be time to fix them properly by hiring reliable contractors.

It is imperative to conduct all the home inspections as soon as possible. If, for instance, the home inspector finds a problem with the furnace, a reliable furnace repair contractor might not be available at the moment for an expert opinion. The last thing you want is for your contingency to expire before you have the chance to conduct all the inspections necessary.

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