Think about the inspection of the house as an important step

Home inspections have become more and more popular, especially now, when the economical crisis has finally come to an end. People have started to buy, sell and rent again, all due to the real estate market re-stabilization. Because the demand for home inspections has increased rapidly for the last couple of years, many home inspection companies have popped up on the market, but beware, not all of them are as good as they pretend to be.

Finding a reliable house inspection company has become the key element for a successful purchase. A home inspection gives the buyer peace of mind that the transaction he’s about to make is safe, and the property he’s about to purchase doesn’t hold any hidden problems. From the seller’s point of view, a house inspection proves that what he’s offering for sale is indeed a properly maintained property. Often, the sellers that provide a home inspection report to the buyers have more chances to sell than the others.

As we’ve proved, a home inspection is a must and almost a habit for most buyers and sellers. Now that you’re convinced you’ll have to hire a house inspection service provider when you sell your home, the next logical thing, that you may think of, is: how should I prepare for a home inspection? The answer is rather simple. Follow the steps below:

1. Fix all interior and exterior light fixtures in your home. There is one thing you have to know about home inspectors. They evaluate your home based on the fixtures, appliances and systems that work at that moment. If you have a burnt light bulb, you better replace it. Otherwise the inspector will consider it an electrical malfunction, as he cannot know if it’s just a burnt light bulb or a more complex issue.

2. Make sure the home inspector has access to furnaces, electrical panels and water heaters. All these items have to be checked, so make sure they are not blocked or inaccessible, otherwise your house inspection will take longer than expected.

3. Replace your AC filters. The inspection includes checking your air conditioning system’s efficiency. By installing new AC filters, you ensure a high rank for your AC evaluation.

4. Your doors and windows should operate smoothly. The home inspector doesn’t check all windows and doors in your home. However, if he finds some that are jammed, painted shut or stuck, he will draw the conclusion that all your windows are in the same condition, even though this may not be entirely true.

5. Install window screens and replace the broken ones. This is a small investment, but it leaves a good impression.

6. Repair all handrails in your home. If the home inspector finds a loose or broken handrail, he may conclude that your home is not safe for children, which lowers the number of your potential clients dramatically.

7. A major part of any home inspection is checking the roof. In order to do that, your home inspector needs access to your roof through your attic. This is why you have to make sure the attic is clean and neat, and it can also be easily accessed.

These are some of the most important things that you have to keep in mind when hiring a house inspection service provider. However, if you want your home inspection to go as smooth and efficiently as possible, hire Quality Control Home Inspection in Houston, TX. They have many years of experience and an impressive number of accurate inspections provided already. Find out more about the inspections we do by calling (281) 782-1130.