Choose the proper expert for your needs

More and more people get confused when they find out that a real estate agent is not the same as a real estate consultant. The truth is that most real estate consultants act as agents, but a true real estate consultant would differentiate himself with consumers by using some of the following:

Home under magnifier1. A disinterested approach with the client.
A real estate sales agent focuses on listing or selling something in order to generate income. Whereas a competent real estate consultant will be unbiased in his approach to the customer and the situation to be evaluated. This doesn’t make him distant from the client, its just vital for true objectivity to decide if the consultant can assist the client in solving his real estate needs. A consultant will always be up front when entering into a lose/lose situation. The last thing a consultant wants to do is spend time working on a project where the productive results can’t be achieved.

2. Thorough evaluation of the real estate situation.
A responsible real estate consultant takes the time and effort to thoroughly evaluate the client’s situation before deciding if he can be of assistance. Unlike the agent, who would dissect the physical property to be listed, the real estate consultant gathers in-depth information about the customer. Things like experience with real estate matters, situations that occurred in the process of owning, buying or selling of the property are just few of the numerous tasks a real estate consultant will have to perform.

3. Determine primary and secondary objectives.
The real estate consultant will determine with the client the objectives to be attained. Selling or purchasing has only one specific outcome, and that is, to close the deal. Consulting is based on the idea that each customer is different in the objectives he seeks. That is why the real estate consultant will view each customer’s situation in multiple ways, and determine what is the best move to make in a timely and cost-effective way.

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